Acosta will always Acosta. We get it. But as Brandon himself would say, c’mon, man!

The media, Lefties, and annoying AF pundits using Virginia’s election to prove the 2020 election was legit is getting pretty damn … well, annoying. We know for a fact Leftist groups, media, Democrats, big tech, etc. worked together to ‘fortify’ the 2020 election.

They admitted it!

They couldn’t stop bragging about it!

But that didn’t stop ol’ Jim from trying to exploit the efforts Virginians made to turn their state around to dunk on Trump about ‘squealing.’

Would someone pretty please with sugar on top get Jim a mirror? His lack of self-awareness is incredibly alarming.

What he said.


Past time.

Seeing a theme here.


We believe so as well.



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