We used to joke about people being ‘broken’ by a Trump presidency but even now, nearly nine months after President Silver Alert took office, these same people are still broken.

Perhaps more so.

And it ain’t funny anymore.

Imagine defending Communist China because you just hated Trump that much.

This tweet is insane, Tom.

Just FYI.

Stephen L. Miller aka RedSteeze chimed in:

*laughs in King George*

It’s hard being smarter than our founding fathers.


And monkeys could have flown out of Trump’s butt.

Love these hypotheticals defending COMMUNIST CHINA.

This. ^

And so the ‘debate’ began.

Holy crap.

Milley didn’t want COMMUNIST CHINA worried that evil Trump might stop them from genociding their own people and stuff.

We’re not sure why Tom went into third person here but … ok?

Yes or no, Tom.

It literally is a yes or no question.



Seems The Expert™ couldn’t bother to answer a yes or no question.


No. Tom is a communist because he so hates Trump he sympathizes with Communist China.

This isn’t difficult.



Hope Xi sees all this, Tom.

So it’s America’s fault Tom defended Communist China.

Alrighty then.

We guess so.



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