The pundit class doesn’t really care about much more than scoring cheap points on their opponents. It’s true. They like to sit back and pretend they’re better than the other ‘plebes’ on social media making noise about politics because they’re super edgy, clever, and *yawn* above it all.

And above the rest of us.

*yawn again*

PoliMath does an exceptional job (as usual) taking the pundit class apart in this thread using a story about one of their favorite targets, DeSantis.

Take a look:

DeSantis did nothing to correct the information?


*wags finger and looks down nose at DeSantis*

Keep going.

Because that would have been super helpful and not awkward or distracting at all.

Or not.

He stuck to the subject at hand.


Look at the people who support Biden. That old man says stupid sh*t every day (sometimes every hour) and they do a great job of ignoring it.

They want to hate him.

They need to hate him.

The LOVE to hate him.

It gives them a chance to sit around b*tching and moaning instead of having to actually stand for and support something. Instead of having to create something.

Sad, isn’t it?

And nothing matters more to the pundit class than scoring outrage points.



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