We knew AOC wasn’t all that bright but her ‘Tax the Rich’ dress at the Met Gala proved she really is NOT the brightest crayon in the box. After receiving pushback on the dress (and being dragged over the $30k a ticket price tag), Sandy thought this was ‘damage control.’

She thought wrong.

The message is crap.

Just sayin’.

Yes, anyone who thinks her dress was in poor taste while attending a crazy elitist event maskless while ‘the help’ had to mask is clearly a ‘hater’.

She is beyond parody, seriously.

So go tax yourself, Sandy.

Pure ignorant evil.

That works.


Because she’s elite, she doesn’t have to cover her face.

Only her help and the unwashed masses have to.


Masking all the help.

While lecturing everyone else about vaccinating, masking up, and paying more in taxes.

Eh, is it REALLY though?


AOC is truly her own worst enemy.



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