Swalwell strikes again.

Some days these people make our job too easy.

Thank GAWD.

Eric thought he was being clever here mocking Nicki Minaj for being cautious over the COVID vaccine because someone she knew apparently had issues with their testicles swelling after they took it? Her point was valid, which is why people like Joy Reid and Eric are mocking her for it … vaccinating should be a CHOICE.

And we all know our good friends on the Left and in the media can’t DEAL with people making choices for themselves (unless it’s abortion but somehow that argument isn’t valid with this group):

Our brother’s best friend’s mom’s teacher’s barber’s neighbor said Eric Swalwell banged a Chinese spy.

See, ours is at least clever.

Not to mention Eric’s math just doesn’t work out:



Careful, they don’t want to talk about natural immunity either.


Snake oil salesman is more like it.

Fart boy.

Fang Banger.

But it IS the own we think it is.

You’d think by now Eric would have figured out he’s just not very good at this whole ‘being clever’ thing on Twitter and would have stopped even trying BUT luckily for Twitchy, he’s just not that bright.



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