As Twitchy readers know, Chris Cuomo and CNN has some ‘splainin’ to do when it comes to his helping his brother Andrew on how he should respond to ‘misconduct allegations.’ We like how they call it ‘misconduct allegations’ instead of calling it what it really is … a bunch of his aides accusing him of being a pervy old creep.

He shouldn’t have participated and he won’t ‘going forward’.

Wow, such toughies.

Glenn Greenwald called Chris, Andrew, and CNN out as only he can.

Not to mention CNN is a sinking ship. Just sayin’.

Glenn was good enough to point that out as well.



Their ratings are in the toilet. Seems if you spend four years basing your entire network, message, and lineup on hating one person, the moment that one person is out of the picture the traffic goes bye-bye. We weren’t kidding the dozens (hundreds?) of times we said nobody needed Trump to win more than CNN … except maybe The Lincoln Project.

Richard Spencer.

Michael Avenatti.

Anything to hurt Trump.

And now anything to hurt DeSantis.

Good word for both Chris and CNN.

AND Andrew Cuomo.



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