Yup, this is another one of those threads that we can share without having to write too much about it … mainly because Joe says it all. While America faces huge economic hurdles including people refusing to go back to work and crazy inflation the last thing they’re really all that worried about is a bunch of morons who charged into the Capitol.

Months ago.

Take a look.


Keep going.

A brief moment of anarchy committed by idiots who don’t understand how elections work.

Nailed it.

And the same Democrats will be fussy because they can’t impeach him … again.

YES. Except teachers who have figured out the BS pulled by their union over the past year has made their profession as unpopular as lawyers and congress.

Way to go, Randi Weingarten!

It’s all been a mess.

And McCarthy can’t seem to figure out how to ‘clean’ any of it up.



We are being PLAYED! Report shows CA GROSSLY inflated number of children hospitalized with COVID

Just take the L! Jerry Dunleavy’s thread showing how elected officials pushed false framing of anonymous Capitol police officer’s letter so VERY damning

Before/After thread highlights MANY edits Rebekah Jones made to her piece trashing Charles C.W. Cooke and HIS piece (YEAH, he got under her skin)