We couldn’t bring ourselves to read the entire 9500-word blog/rebuttal Rebekah Jones wrote in response to the damning piece Charles C.W. Cooke wrote about her for The National Review so the fact that ‘Max Nardou’ made time to not only read the original but go through the web archive and highlight the edits she made since she first dropped it?

Dude (or dudette) must be eating their Wheaties.

This is pretty telling:

What we have here is a called a doozy.

Have fun.


Which has since been removed from the article.


Nobody is worried about her running for governor.

Sorry, not sorry.

Yes, it’s the governor’s fault she has been milking all of this for attention and funding.


We pointed out earlier today that she misspelled his last name throughout the entire piece.

Guess she was worried people would really think she’s a fabulist.

He really got under her skin.

Conservative swamp.

Because clearly, Charles C.W. Cooke is a part of the conservative swamp.

If we rolled our eyes any further back in our head we’d see China from our backyard.

Math error remains.



*hint, that phrase was not in his piece*

Calling HERSELF a whistleblower.


Welp, she sure showed him.

Or not.



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