As Twitchy readers know, the media (and even some elected officials) REALLY screwed the pooch while pushing a letter from an anonymous Capitol police officer. They so badly wanted it to be something it wasn’t, so they could have a, ‘See, WE DO need that commission,’ moment on social media.

And that sad narrative began eating itself even as it was making its way around Twitter.

Gosh, this letter from an anonymous Capitol police officer seems fishier and fishier.

Especially when you have Nancy Pelosi and Liz Cheney pushing it …

Almost as if they have an agenda.


Side note, that Liz shared this as well says a lot about why she lost her leadership position within the GOP.

It’s unfortunate that Nancy Pelosi couldn’t wait for the truth before she started smack-talking and acting like a harpy on Twitter.


Big L for her and for every proglodyte who tried pushing this for their narrative.

This all seems really inappropriate.

Welcome to 2021.



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