Democrat Rep. Jamie Raskin was one of his party’s impeachment managers in their effort to remove Donald Trump from office, and today, according to follow-up reports, his office circulated a letter purporting to be “from members of the U.S. Capitol Police” on their letterhead:

One Politico reporter ran with it:

Oh, just one problem: It was in no way an official statement from the U.S. Capitol Police:

So basically at this point the letter could have been written by one person:

Well that certainly seems like an important detail. Bring on the clarifications!

So to sum it all up…

Another glorious moment for “journalism.” And as usual the original claim got far more circulation than the “clarification:

And yet the media wonders why there’s an incredible level of mistrust from the American public?

But maybe it’s not so odd to people who have been paying attention to what “journalism” has become in the last few years.

But, as usual, there are some certainties: