Now that America is starting to slowly come out of this ridiculous pandemic (yeah yeah, we know, Texas, Florida, Wyoming, and other red states were out months ago but here we are), we can start to look back at what was happening and what we were being told.

And get really pissed off about it.

Take for example what happened in California with the number of kiddos supposedly hospitalized with COVID:

They are indeed playing games with us.

From The Blaze:

There are two important implications of these findings. The first is that policies that disproportionally affect children, like school closures or the cancellation of youth sports or summer camps, were implemented after reports greatly overstated the risk of children being hospitalized from COVID-19.

“Children have suffered tremendously due to policies that have kept schools and recreational facilities closed to them, and the burden has been greatest on children who are low-income and English-language learners,” the researchers noted in their commentary. New York magazine pointed out “the hospitalization numbers for children were already extremely low relative to adults — at the pandemic’s peak this winter, it was roughly ten times lower than for 18-to-49-year-olds and 77 times lower than those age 65 and up.” If 40% of those hospitalizations were reported inaccurately, the actual rates are “vanishingly small,” and those policies implemented to protect children may have done far more harm than good.

The second implication relates to the Food and Drug Administration’s “emergency use authorization” for COVID-19 vaccines for children. If the studies’ findings show that COVID-19 “poses a dramatically lower incidence of pediatric hospitalizations than the data have shown thus far,” then the need for an emergency authorization of vaccines for kids to protect them from going to the hospital is perhaps less than previously thought.

Oh look, more COVID numbers were inflated. We’re shocked.

We can’t help but wonder if our ‘pals’ in the teacher’s unions were also using these grossly inflated numbers to keep kids out of the classroom.


And we can only guess that CA isn’t the only state where this was happening.

And sadly, as we keep digging, we’re pretty sure this is only the tip of the ‘crazy stuff’ iceberg.



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