Have we mentioned lately that teacher’s unions are a boil on the butt of humanity because if not, they are.

Heck, even if we have mentioned it lately (and this editor is pretty sure she did just yesterday), putting it out there daily is a good thing. We knew teacher’s unions cared more about their dues and politics than teachers and students before, but what we’ve seen from them during the pandemic made it far worse. It’s one thing to advocate for what your union wants, it’s quite another to be given authority by the CDC to keep kids out of a classroom.

Which is exactly the bombshell the NY Post broke this weekend … that AFT President Randi Weingarten tried to call a hit piece.

What a hot mess:

Randi looks more and more like a villain.

Their job is to pretend they’re fighting for their members, students, and communities all while protecting bad teachers and even worse schools so they can continue to line their pockets with those sweet dues. And sorry, Randi, but feedback is one thing, being given control and authority over when millions of kids can go back in the classroom is another.

Newsflash, that’s not what the article said.

They have spent a year finding the best ways to hold students back and education hostage to best suit their unions because GAWD forbid they let a crisis like this go to waste.

Awww, look at her protect Biden. That’s adorable.

This in no way counters the New York Post’s claims but eh …


This woman.

She’s never going to apologize because she doesn’t really care or have to because she knows with a Democrat in the White House she and her big, huge, overpowering union are safe.

As if we needed another reason to vote for Republicans in 22 and in 24.



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