We could read threads from Glenn Greenwald blistering and torching and decimating corporate media for trying to take down Substack all day long. It’s clear our buddies in the corporate media are terrified of a platform where gifted and popular writers are able to report the WHOLE story, without being censored or edited by our liberal betters who want to control the narrative. Take for example, this thread Glenn wrote this morning about The Guardian:

Jealous, resentful, wispy, inconsequential jouranlist.

We like that.

Keep going.

Gosh, we’re shocked.

Oh wait, no.

Ding ding ding.

And if they do have editorial rigor it sucks.

Yeah, this editor is just a ‘blogger’ as well.


Because people actually reporting the news and telling the whole story make them look bad and threaten their livelihoods. We need more Substack and less Washington Post. Just sayin’.

‘I can’t be held accountable for my mistake because I’m far too important and have lunch plans.’

What a douche waffle.




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