Didn’t David Hogg give up on his magical progressive pillow company because it was too much hard work? Granted, sitting on Twitter babbling about evil billionaires while attending one of the top schools in the world is far easier than working to pull himself up by his bootstraps but still.

The optics, David. Think.

This thread is somethin’ else:

Why would David assume any billionaire made his fortune by working a minimum wage job?

Oh, because he needs to make that assumption so his silly thread babbling about workers makes sense.

And c’mon, the idea of him ‘checking his math’ is hilarious, right?!

Because Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and the billionaires out there were just handed their wealth by some magical money fairy who hates working people. RAR!

Really Harvard?


Have to pee in bottles?

That is oddly specific.


Yup. Elon Musk was homeless for a while.

But you know, MUH MINIMUM WAGE.


It seems odd that public servants become very wealthy working for the public.


Welcome to the age of social media cred where who you are in the grand scheme of liberal woke politics is far more important than what you know, how smart you are, or your own abilities.



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