Corporate media and the Left (same difference) have been working SO SO SO hard to frame Trump supporters as violent, dangerous, and unhinged Americans by accusing them of supporting an insurrection that resulted in the death of Capitol policeman, Brian Sicknick. They have accused the protesters of hitting him with a fire extinguisher and spraying him with bear spray … neither of which are true. Add to that they kept his true cause of death a ‘secret’ for months.

Come to find out the man had died of natural causes from strokes.

Thinking the hosebags in the media and on the Left can apologize to Trump supporters AND Officer Sicknick’s family any day now.

All lies.

And they shut down the White House over it.

Oh, that’s right. Democrats like Nancy Pelosi used these lies to try and impeach Trump … again.

They’re just gross and awful.

Glenn does such a great job with his writing and threads. You can always count on him to ‘fact-check’ himself.

Darren is NOT a conservative, just sayin’.


But you know, Trump supporters are the violent ones.

*all the eye rolls*



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