Anyone pushing fear to keep this COVID panic … sorry … pandemic going has something to gain from it. Sorry, not sorry. With the availability of the vaccine and numbers going down, reading tweets like this from Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding is really disconcerting.

Feels a lot more like fear-p0rn than info, just sayin’. Especially that whole, ‘it didn’t end well’.

da da DAAAAAA!

Nate Silver was good enough to correct the doctor.

Hey man, when Nate is good he’s good.

You tell him, Nate!

Cases are steadily declining.

More people vaccinated.

More people developing their own anti-bodies.

We should have opened up this freakin’ country a month ago (or earlier) BUT Biden and his admin of butt-nuggets are more concerned about playing politics and pretending they’re SAVING US than they are actually saving the country. They’ll push for July 4 so they can open the country and pretend they did it all … ON INDEPENDENCE DAY.

You watch.

People listen to people who tell them what they want to hear, and sadly there is still a rather large group of people out there who want to stay scared. Stay locked down. Stay masked up.

It makes no sense.



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