Maybe Alyssa Milano and other white liberals (white woke liberals?) should spend more time LISTENING and less time talking.

This. Video. Is. Awesome.


And BOOM. So much boom. All the boom. Boom times INFINITY.

Told you … awesome.

Side note, Alyssa looks like she’s aging. That or she’s had some really bad ‘work’ done.

Hey, we’re not judging.

Remember when she claimed she caught COVID and then claimed all of her hair was falling out?

We did check to see if Alyssa had bothered to watch or respond to this quite frankly bada*s and brilliant woman but so far … *crickets*. Don’t expect her to admit she’s wrong, that she’s fueling division in this country, and that she’s using and exploiting Black Americans to play the ‘concerned D-lister’ for clicks and taps.

That would mean she finally acquired a little self-awareness and c’mon, we all know that ain’t happenin’.



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