So it turns out that when you harass and dox people on TikTok because you think they’re behaving badly that might come back to bite you on the backside. Gosh, we’re shocked.

Or not.

She’s upset that she’s getting harassed because she harassed other people. Alrighty then.

Welcome to 2021.

From NBC News:

So, Savannah Sparks, another TikTok user who goes by “Rx0rcist,” made her own video, part of what would become an ongoing series debunking medical misinformation on the app.

“My name’s Savannah. I’m a doctor at a pharmacy, and I’m about to absolutely wreck your s—,” Sparks says in the video before launching into a fact-check of the pharmacy technician’s claims.

But Sparks didn’t stop there. She then contacted the woman’s supervisor.

“Her scope of practice doesn’t allow her … to counsel on medications so, especially coming from the realm of pharmacy, which is my wheelhouse, I really went in on that individual and I was like, ‘You really should not be talking about this,'” Sparks said.

Sparks, 31, a Mississippi-based lactation consultant and doctor of pharmacy who is also a mother of a 2-year-old daughter, has become a prolific watchdog on TikTok for those she says are trying to spread misinformation — especially health care workers spreading bogus information about Covid-19.

Lactation consultant.

Ugh, they are the worst (spoken as a woman who struggled with this and who was tormented by the damn consultant who was supposed to help).

Oh, and saying stuff like, ‘I’m about to absolutely wreck your sh*t’ doesn’t sound like she was just holding people ‘accountable.’

Good ol’ NBC News.


Good point.

She’s definitely not a rocket scientist.



It’s not her fault she had to dox and harass people and destroy their lives! Poor her!


That’s one word for it.



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