When people show you who they really are, believe them. Especially if they sit on your district’s school board.




Reminders, this is the same School Board where a member was accused of building a hate list of people who don’t support CRT. Loudoun County, VA was also the first to go after Dr. Seuss … we guess you could say they have some serious issues with their leaders of public education in that county.

And these text messages are incredibly disconcerting.

Something like that.

One would think Virginia’s State Superintendent Dr. James Lane would get involved at some point but … here we are.

They think they’re better than the people who elected them, which isn’t all that unheard of when dealing with more liberal/progressive politicians.

Sorry school board elitists, what you all pulled during the so-called COVID pandemic woke up all the parents, and we’re done sitting back and watching you destroy public education. Buckle up.



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