Never bend a knee to the mob.

We’re not entirely sure what this mob of white, skinny, entitled, likely bored college kids was protesting about exactly. They probably don’t either. But it sounds like they’re yelling, ‘Silence is violence,’ and they want this seated woman to raise her fist, and she refused.

So they descended on her like a bunch of loud, patchouli-smelling gnats.

We looked up the one guy’s t-shirt and apparently it’s from a group that fights for affordable housing? Eh, whatever he needs to do to feel like he matters more than he really does, we suppose.

Seems she was ok about taking care of herself in this situation.

She certainly held her own.

Welp, they’ll have to come and take it, then.

Sorry, not sorry.

When you ignore history, you are doomed to repeat it.

Case in point.



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