If you find yourself tweeting things you need to blame on a nameless, faceless, nonexistent intern during the Republican National Convention, maybe just put the Twitter down. Otherwise, you could tweet something exceptionally racist and stupid, like the tweet that came from Leslie Marshall’s account about Nikki Haley.

Scratch a Democrat, find a racist.

We don’t blame her for deleting that garbage take.

Plenty of people saw it though …

And Leslie put it on the intern:

Leslie. Seriously. If you claim ‘the intern did it’ you only make it worse.

So says a white woman.


Sorry, she has a ton of other tweets complaining about how rough her life is and how good at her job she is … we just can’t even.

Again, even if the intern did it, don’t go that route. It only makes things worse.

She really really really really really wants people to blame the intern.

Right?! Those freakin’ Twitchy interns.


Yes, it’s all our fault she tweeted something stupid.


Welp, we’re bored now which probably means you’re doubly bored.

And they wonder why we point and laugh at them.



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