Alyssa Milano thought it would be a good idea to live-tweet the Republican National Convention.

Stop laughing.

We mean it.

Ok … fine.


It was a total sh*tshow.

Sorry, that’s an insult to sh*tshows.

Let’s just say she was a total mess.

Take for instance this tweet about Herschel Walker who thoughtfully endorsed his friend of 37 years, President Trump:

How dare that Black man support someone she disapproves of, right? What, does she think being a sports fan somehow gives her the right to ‘whitesplain’ to Walker? If we rolled our eyes any further back into our heads we’d hurt ourselves.

Hey now, she SURVIVED COVID! Sure, she’s totally balding now (omg did you see that video?!), but she SURVIVED.

Dear GAWD, she survived!

And since Richard Spencer joined the Democrats it all sort of makes sense now, right?

Oh, the other big blunder was what we call a ‘Freudian Slip.’ She tried to delete it, of course, but Tweeps were front and center to snag a screenshot.


Completely full of crap.

Let’s hope she continues live-tweeting during night two of the RNC.

It’s the most entertaining thing she’s done in years.



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