Antifa is absolutely an organized (and evil) movement.

Hey, don’t take it from us, read these four threads from Rich Weinstein who took the time to ‘out’ Antifa’s Gruber. You guys remember Gruber, right? The guy who said Americans were too stupid to know they were getting suckered with Obamacare?

This is long but worth it – grab a snack, get comfy, and read.

It is actually very well-organized.

Because destroying property and hurting people is ILLEGAL.

Thread 2 …

Keep going.

Political arena is violence.


This is nuts.

And now the third thread.

You still there?

Told you, this is terrifying AND fascinating, all in one.

They are obsessed with so many identities they don’t realize they’re the problem.

So many Nazis out there tearing down statues and destroying public property.

Oh, wait.

And now the fourth and final thread.

What a marathon.

And what a total and complete scam … much like Obamacare.



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