As Twitchy readers know, Kurt Eichenwald was very angry with ‘that foreigner’ in the White House, Melania Trump, for updating the Rose Garden. The Tentacle King was understandably dragged for his ugly and quite frankly bigoted tweets, so much so that he deleted them.

And then blamed people ‘for misunderstanding’ his point because his bigotry is super complex and stuff.

Don’t make that face, we didn’t write it.

His point was he hates Donald Trump and by extension, his wife, that foreigner, Melania Trump.

That doesn’t seem all that complex, Kurt.

Yes, he did absolutely have the ill-intent the tweets conveyed. He just didn’t expect the blowback to be so embarrassing.

But it was SUPER complex!

Kurt isn’t exactly known for his ability to think.


Seems ‘that foreigner’ did her homework, folks.

Sure, Kurt. Your point was just so COMPLEX nobody understood what you meant.

THAT’S the ticket.



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