As the Left continues to completely melt down because Melania Trump dared to make the Rose Garden accessible (and updated the infrastructure of the garden itself which was long overdue), Kurt Eichenwald really stepped up his game to complain about the ‘foreigner’ destroying our history.

Yeah, he sucks.

Trashy, evil, stupid people need to get out of OUR house.


Trashy, evil, stupid people should close adult tabs on their desktop if they’re going to share a screenshot on OUR Twitter.

But we thought the Left embraced diversity and immigrants.

Gosh, this comes across as fairly bigoted, Tentacle Man.

What a jacka*s.


Not to mention it’s actually accessible now.

Oddly enough, most of Kurt’s followers were more than happy to attack the ‘foreigner’ in the White House (when people show you who they are, BELIEVE THEM):

When these miserable a-holes lose again in November, be sure and remind them, especially ol’ Kurt, they did their part to help Trump win.




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