Womp-womp, Team Biden.

Looks like preliminary numbers for Biden’s acceptance speech weren’t great, even though technically we’re in the middle of a pandemic and even MORE people were home to watch. Compared to Cankles Clinton, he didn’t do very well … and compared to Trump?


So much ouch.

21.8 million which seems like a lot until you see the OTHER numbers:

38.5% of Trump’s RNC speech.

And just think about what next week will look like during the RNC in 2016.

So much for that whole, ‘they’re just streaming’ narrative.

We are too – it will be interesting to see if what Republicans can do with this silly ‘virtual’ sort of convention. At least we know Julia Louis-Dreyfuss won’t be on making stupid and cringe jokes.

Fair point. Plenty of us watched to see if he would screw up.

This editor did.

He may indeed.



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