Last night, during Biden’s BIG acceptance speech, he acted like if elected he’ll magically find a way to stop COVID from destroying our lives and our country. Because you know, he and Obama did such a bang-up job of dealing with H1N1 back in 2009.



No, they didn’t.

But you know, oRaNgE mAn Bad.

Kimberley Strassel was good enough to take us on a stroll down memory lane …

From the Wall Street Journal:

Democrats even claim Mr. Biden saved lives in 2014. Michelle Obama: “Our leaders had worked hand in hand with scientists to help prevent an Ebola outbreak from becoming a global pandemic.” Ms. Harris last week: “Remember that pandemic? Barack Obama and Joe Biden did their job. Only two people died in the United States.”

Ebola is a terrifying disease, but outbreaks tend to happen only in very poor nations, and if caught early the virus is difficult to transmit outside hospitals. Anthony Fauci said in 2014 that a U.S. outbreak was “very, very, very unlikely.” Mr. Obama told Americans to chill out: “Ebola is actually a difficult disease to catch. It’s not transmitted through the air like the flu.”

The Ebola example is designed to divert attention from a more relevant comparison: the H1N1 swine-flu outbreak of 2009-10. Democrats don’t like to talk about H1N1, because it didn’t go well. If it had been as deadly as Covid-19, the toll would have been catastrophic. The history is a powerful reminder that governments can’t stop a virus—although they can make epidemics worse.

Governments can’t stop a virus.

Who’da thunk?

Or they forget because the media loves to spin it … as long as it makes Biden or Obama look better.

It is certainly beginning to feel that way, that’s for sure.



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