As Twitchy readers know, Richard Spencer, the dolt made famous for yelling, ‘Hail Trump,’ came out and basically endorsed Biden saying he would be voting for the old rich white guy as well as a straight-party ticket for Democrats.

This means they are the party of white supremacists now, right? Isn’t that how this works?

@ProteinWisdom was inspired by this news today (and a tweet from this editor) and wrote a fairly epic thread about why he didn’t support Trump in 2016 but he does now.

Biden winning over the hearts and minds of white supremacists. Heh.

So wait, does this mean orange man not bad?

This. So much this.

Fauci and Birx were huge mistakes.


Trump does appear to have a ‘gift’ when it comes to exposing who people really are.

He’s still at 51% after a pandemic all but destroyed our economy … that says a lot.



Cut our taxes, create a job-friendly market, bring our economy back, beat the bad guys.

We’re good.

Vote accordingly, indeed.

The alt-right is the mirror image of the new left.

We had no idea how accurate that was.

Trump is polling at over 35% with Black Americans.

Stay tuned.



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