Is it just our imagination or is the Washington Post getting more disgusting?

They must be scared Trump is gonna win because they’re attacking his VP, who could well run in 2024.

That or they’re just dill-holes.

Perhaps we should embrace the power of ‘and’.

From WaPo:

Many of his allies concede that if Trump loses in November, Pence is likely headed to the “markdown bin,” in the words of one. And if the Trump-Pence ticket does win four more years, a successful 2024 bid for Pence is still uncertain. As one Republican operative put it: “Who do you talk to who’s fired up for Mike Pence?”

Others are more optimistic. Michael Steel, a longtime adviser to former House speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio), said Pence is “fundamentally rational and intelligent and conservative.”

“I don’t know how many of us there are,” Steel said, “but I am a Republican who would be much more comfortable pulling the lever for Mike Pence than for Donald Trump.”

Oh, it’s Ashley Parker.


And wow, talk about a lot of faceless, nameless sources in a clueless article.

Could WaPo be any more useless?

Don’t answer that.

Sort of. It just took four years LATER for it to happen.

Which is … actually way sadder.



Oh settle down, you know you were thinking it.



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