If you’re wondering how successful the first night of the Republican National Convention was, just watch how badly Donna Brazile freaked out on Fox News during an interview with Tammy Bruce. Folks, this really is insane and she really did come completely unglued. We’re not even ‘Twitchy-izing’ it.





Republicans are trying to ignore her existence? What now?

Donna might want to switch to decaf. Just sayin’.

‘You need to listen,’ Donna said as she kept yelling at Tammy Bruce who was trying to listen.


They should be worried. Republicans are talking about work, country, faith, freedom, and prosperity. Democrats are talking about looting, rioting, death, illness, raising taxes, and how much we all hate one another.

It’s not a great agenda, Donna, but that’s not Tammy’s fault.

It’s freakin’ loud, right?

Poor Tammy. Heh.


She didn’t really want Tammy to answer her, she just wanted to rage and rail because she knows her party is failing.

You can see it on her face.



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