There’s a reason the media and the Left (yeah yeah, same difference) are working so hard to keep Joe Biden from debating Donald Trump and it’s NOT because they don’t think it’s fair for him to have to correct Trump’s lies over and over again. Joe Lockhart seriously tried to sell that BS on CNN … right? EL OH EL.

The real reason why is things are far worse than we even know, at least according to Dan Bongino:

Watching Biden is so uncomfortable that even we struggle with making fun of him. It just feels cruel when it’s obvious the man really isn’t there. At all.

Sort of like how they keep pushing RBG to hang on just a little longer … it’s pretty gross.

Ain’t THAT the truth?

He did delay his VP pick another week.

Biden is fading fast.

And once again you see the real difference between the Right and the Left. If Trump were fading like Biden is, the Left would be MERCILESS. The guy has a typo in a tweet and it’s the freaking news for three days …

People on the Right? They feel sorry for Biden, they pray for him.

But you know, we’re the bad guys and stuff.



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