Boy howdy, this video of AOC rallying against the police and claiming people are only stealing giant televisions, fancy sneakers, and Louis Vuitton bags because they’re trying to feed their family has really gotten some play.

It’s a doozy.

Or something.

If you haven’t seen this insanity just yet take a gander:

Dana Loesch responded to Sandy’s silliness:


Yup, AOC likes to pretend she came from a poor area and conveniently leaves out her nickname was ‘Sandy’ and she lived in a fairly affluent suburb far away from her constituents and what New Yorkers are facing now. She is the epitome of the Limousine Liberal.

Sandy responded:

Wait, so she knows crime is already a problem and still wants to defund the cops?


And really, an NRA dig? That is so 2018. Psh.

Dana fired back:


But Dana was just getting started.

That stung, right AOC?



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