AOC just keeps doubling down on dumb.

We know you know, but the alliteration was just too much for us to ignore.

As Twitchy readers know, AOC claimed that crime is a symptom of a diseased society that neglects poor people and that when they steal it’s because they’re hungry and want bread and stuff. Nothing says you’re hungry like stealing a 55″ television from Target or a Louis Vuitton bag.

Seems AOC wasn’t happy with the teasing and mockery that was taking place at her expense so she wrote a pretty screechy and defensive thread:

And they just want to steal BREAD!

Living wage.


Maybe she missed it but the people stealing televisions and sneakers weren’t selling weed to help pay rent or whatever other nonsense she’s trying to push here.


You know, it’s not their fault they stole a bunch of cell phones and set buildings on fire.



She’s really reaching here.

Yeah, Sandy had it really rough growing up in that moderately wealthy neighborhood.

We’d hope AOC didn’t get a stimulus check.

She makes over $174k a year at least.

Sorry, but if this editor were one of these ‘brown’ people she is claiming to understand and relate to she’d be SOOOO annoyed.

She’s not an expert on anything.

And there it is.



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