The next time someone on the Left accuses Trump or Republicans of being Nazis or ‘literally Hitler’ send them screenshots of ‘MovieBob Productions’ calling for Germany to invade Poland again.

Don’t make that face, we didn’t write the tweet. We’re just covering Raheem Kassam catching the blue-check in the act:

Let’s not pretend Twitter Support actually gives two squirts about this yahoo tweeting about Nazis invading Poland again for the greater good.

And since BOB deleted his tweets, we’re grateful to this ‘rekt’ account for grabbing screenshots:

Sounds like something an actual Nazi might push for … eh?

Bob here didn’t like getting called out for his gross tweets and in fact, got pretty defensive:

They’re always the victim after they get caught being disgusting toads.

Ironic humor.

Because the history of the Nazis in Poland is super hilarious. *eye roll*


Not about making fun of Duda, it’s joking about Nazis, ya’ jacka*s.

Seriously, he big mad:

Everyone is stupid but him.


Tough crowd.

Then again, most crowds don’t find humor in jokes about the Nazis invading Poland.

Just sayin’.



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