We typically do not cover randos unless what they’ve tweeted is just THAT AWESOME.

Or that horrible.

Considering how much we’ve heard the Left claim Trump supporters are a ‘cult,’ seeing a tweet like this proves they are projecting like a mofo. Leftism has truly become a religion it seems for far too many people …

Why else would a ‘mom’ allow a son to ‘be dead to her’ over a politician?

And then to tweet it?


She has since protected her tweets so we have a screenshot:

This is seriously screwed up.

Dana Loesch had just three words to say to her:


What this editor had to say wasn’t nearly as nice or clean … but Dana’s tweet definitely works.

So we’ll just go with that.

It used to be a running joke for us … now we see it happening in real-time.

Then again, maybe she did him a favor if she really feels this passionately about hating Trump and his supporters.




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