As Twitchy readers know, Jake Tapper tweeted something exceptionally stupid about President Trump wearing a mask and how it would have saved so many lives if he had worn it in February or March.

Yeah, we made the same face, as did thousands of other Tweeps …

Let’s take a gander at what CNN was reporting in February. Heck, you know what? Even better, let’s take a look at what Tapper himself was covering:

February 26.

If only Trump had worn a mask … wait, that doesn’t work.

Gosh, it’s almost like Jake is being a biased, insincere toad.

Good thing.


Imagine how many lives Jake could have saved if only he had corrected her!


True story.

Never gets old.

Sure they can. They’ve already made up their minds to spin stories and do whatever it takes to hurt Trump, even if it means their masks slip.

Like Jake’s mask has once again.



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