Officer Ismael Chavez was one of two police officers who were shot and killed in McAllen, Texas not even 24-hours ago when responding to a domestic disturbance.

From NBC News:

Two officers in McAllen, Texas, were shot and killed Saturday when they walked up to the door of a home where assaults had reportedly taken place, the police chief said.

Edelmiro Garza, Jr. 45, an eight-year veteran of the McAllen Police Department, and Ismael Chavez, 39, a two-year veteran, were killed before the gunman fatally shot himself, said Chief Victor Rodriguez.

“They go to the door of the residence,” Rodriguez said in a news conference. “A person who was a suspect of the incident met our officers at the door and shot both officers as they stood there.”

Neither Garza nor Chavez had time to radio for help or pull out their guns, he said.

Never even pulled their weapons.

Never had a chance to call for help.


Chavez’s daughter took to Twitter to write a thread honoring her father and it is both lovely and hearbreaking:

This officer mattered. His life MATTERED.

Can’t even imagine.

Oh yeah, the haters could hardly contain themselves … they couldn’t wait to use Chavez’s pain to make some political point.

Just gross.

‘I hope you heal BUT …’

And nearly 3k people ‘liked’ this.


Not a ‘thing.’

The young lady just lost her father and these as*holes want to lecture her about how his life didn’t matter.

THIS is who they are.

No words.

See what we mean?


What sort of lowlife lectures a daughter who has just lost her father?

You know what, don’t answer that.

Or … maybe there’s hope yet?



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