We’re old enough to remember when the experts were telling us not to wear masks and politicians were telling us to head on out to crowded Lunar New Year celebrations in Chinatown. Politicians, too, were telling us not to wear masks; here’s former presidential candidate Eric Swalwell back in early March:

President Trump has worn a coronavirus mask before when doing public events (even though the media incorrectly reported otherwise), and on Saturday he wore one while visiting wounded troops at Walter Reed Medical Center.

CNN’s Jake Tapper wonders what a study would show on how many lives would have been saved if Trump had worn a mask back in February or March — the time when Swalwell was telling followers to stop wearing them.

We know Tapper’s a smart guy and certainly remembers as we do the guidance at the time.

CNN certainly did its share of anti-hydroxychloroquine pieces, even after the studies on which they’d reported had been retracted.

Why wasn’t Joe Biden modeling his mask back in February during his intimate political rallies when he was getting right in people’s faces and calling them lying dog-faced pony soldiers?

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Too good not to include. From March:

And this is classic because it now shows up with the Surgeon General’s updated avatar with him wearing a mask:

And more from CNN: