CNN’s Jake Tapper called it “crappy news” Tuesday that a new study by the Veterans Health Administration showed either no benefit or even possibly harm from treating coronavirus patients with hydroxychloroquine, which of course will forever be associated with President Trump, who killed that poor man by making his wife feed him fish tank cleaner out of the pantry.

We ran that cartoon from 2018 earlier Tuesday showing the mainstream media’s thoughts and prayers for any bad news that would hurt Trump, and a lot of people seem to be happy to hear that the study showed Trump’s “magic potion” doesn’t work.

There certainly are a lot of disclaimers with this study, which studied only 368 patients, was not peer-reviewed, and was not randomized — and we’re not sure of the ages of the patients or any underlying morbidities — but at least it’s something to offset the many anecdotes from doctors and even patients themselves who say it’s been a lifesaver.

For the record, the study did come up at Tuesday’s coronavirus briefing:

Or he could have told the truth — that Trump’s been killing veterans so he could make money (maybe a hundred bucks) off of his Plaquenil investments.

But … wasn’t there some other politician talking up the promise of hydroxychloroquine?

Funny how no one remembers that Gov. Andrew Cuomo rolled out testing as well. And boy, don’t these people sound disappointed that it might not be a cure? Pretty crappy news.

We’ve got to admit, it hasn’t been Trump but the anecdotes from doctors themselves that would lead us to give the drug a try if we were on our deathbed with COVID-19.



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