You know those threads you read on Twitter and you think to yourself, ‘Self, that can’t be real and holy crap Twitter verified that person, what the Hell?’ Yeah, this thread from Associate Professor Brittney Cooper is one of those threads.

Apparently, Cooper is not happy with the ‘black folks’ white liberals pick to support because it’s internalized white supremacy or something.

Maybe just read it for yourself:

We got nothin’.

Keep going.


You know, for being an associate professor she makes a lot of generalizations and relies on ugly stereotypes to make very simple points.


Alrighty then.

Told you.


Are they tearing down any statues of Emory? Are there statues of Emory? Should we tear down all the statues? Statues are racist? No? IT’S ALL SO CONFUSING.

You know we can’t keep up with all of this sooo … yeah.

Vote GOP.




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