Something is disastrous in this tweet from Paul Krugman, but we’re pretty sure it’s not Florida’s pandemic response.

Oh, we know, it’s Paul’s tweet itself:

We can’t help but notice that Paul and others in the leftist crapola media only care about numbers in red states.

Wonder why that is?

AG dropped all sorts of truth-hammers on ol’ Paul in a spot-freakin’-on thread:

Florida, which still looks WAY better than say, New York. You know, where they put thousands of sick people in nursing homes and watched their elderly die?

But you know, RED STATE.


159 in New York.

14 in Florida.

Holy crap, Krugman is just a hack.

It IS seriously exhausting.

Because there isn’t one, they just hate him for being a Republican and want to deflect from the horrendous job some Democratic governors have done.

Lookin’ at you, Cuomo.



Why shouldn’t people go get a haircut if thousands of morons can loot a Target?

You know, like we have done with most viruses for years and years.

Stuff it, Krugman.




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