Brian Stelter interviewing ‘Granny TikTok’ aka Mary Jo Laupp who all but manipulated and exploited a bunch of teenagers on TikTok to ‘protest’ Trump’s rally by blocking real supporters from their right to peaceably assemble could be one of the dumbest things we’ve seen in a long time.

And think about it, we cover AOC and Tom Arnold.

FYI, when this editor called Granny TikTok out she blocked her.


A protest.

Sure, granny.

We’re not sure who’s the bigger harpy here, the granny or Stelter.

Because orange man bad.

Here’s her original video:

Millions watched from the comfort of their homes while Biden couldn’t even get 70 people to watch his stream but hey, Granny Power and stuff.

Seriously gross.

That’s the joke, ya’ know.

Winner, winner chicken dinner.

Editor’s note: Laupp has since protected her tweets.



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