Truth be told, this editor was truly surprised by the turnout at Trump’s OK Rally because like most Americans, we had been following the coverage of over one million tickets reserved. And you know, if the morons who trolled the event weren’t so determined to brag about what they did this may have hurt his supporters’ morale …

But as usual, trolls and bullies want credit for the stunts they pull and the people they intimidate.

Byron York’s thread on the topic is a must-read.

They reserved the tickets so actual supporters couldn’t attend.

Stay classy.

Yeah, have fun with Biden events, Democrats.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

And this just proves they don’t get it. The only way this would have actually mattered was if they kept their big mouths shut but now that we know a bunch of jackas*es punked the president we feel GREAT about his chances.

Even better than we did before because if they’re willing to pull a stunt like this they’re scared.

They should be.

Oh, and for those claiming BUT CAPACITY …

Considering Biden couldn’t even get 100 people to watch his stream … yeah, we get it.



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