What is this journalism thing you speak of?

It does not seem to exist in 2020 and if it does, it’s very limited.

Luckily there are still people in social media who are willing to do the ‘media’s’ job for them since they’re too busy doing the whole activist thing.

Take a look:

Wow, right?

Wonder why they weren’t showing the whole video?

Taxpayer-funded NPR.

This just gets better and better, and by better, we mean worse and worse.

Otherwise, you’re a white supremacist or something.

Gosh, it’s almost like they care more about the narrative than about what actually happened.



Could they have gotten this story any more wrong?

Good gravy.

You know, to be completely honest and totally transparent, this editor sort of cringes when Trump calls the media the ‘enemy of the people,’ but he might have a point.

Considering that’s the main reason the driver likely FLED you’d think it would be a key point in the story.

Not seeing a whole lot about this part of the story.


You know, the major part of the story the ‘media’ chose to leave out.

Just. Wow.

Wouldn’t count on it.

And when they have an agenda and narrative to push.




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