Judd Legum must be new to social media because A) this isn’t a video and B) this isn’t Joe Biden in a coffin and C) Trump has been trolling the pearl-clutching Left for YEARS.

We get it, Judd needs to something to pound his little chest about but you’d think by now he’d realize this sort of faux outrage doesn’t hurt Trump, it only helps and actually encourages him.

On second thought, maybe nobody tell him.

Take a look:

How hard do you think Trump laughed at this?

That’s clearly not Biden himself in the coffin, it’s his campaign.

Not to mention that gif/meme is one of the most popular in social media and has been for months.

And in real life?



Now THAT’S how you use ‘Karen.’

It’s like they don’t know Trump.

Or Twitter.

Or anything for that matter.

Poor Judd.

This did not go the way he thought it would.



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