Governors Pritzker, Whitmer, and Coonman … sorry, Northam … keep telling their states they are basing their decisions on easing lockdown restrictions on ‘data and science.’

Unless, of course, those restrictions get in THEIR way and then eh, so much for that data and science.

Jim Geraghty dropped a big ol’ MIC right on their tyrannical heads and he only needed one tweet:

Democrat governors, AKA modern-day tyrants.

And yup, rules for thee but not for me.

C’mon, Americans in these states, WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR?! Time to stand up and raise Hell.

Or at least time to get out there and LIVE.

At the time of this writing, this editor is waiting for Northam’s presser where he might mandate masks for his citizens after he spent his weekend at the beach without a mask taking selfies with his fans. Stupid times we live in, right?

As usual. They’re far too busy covering how the red states are FAILING BIGLY for daring to reopen, even though that’s not really the truth.

It’s all narrative.

Nobody is shocked.


It’s the Democrat way.



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