We’ve written about a good many Undercover Huber/John Huber threads here at Twitchy, but this one may well be the longest we’ve ever covered. And honestly, it’s worth the time it takes to read through because holy cow, guys, these people were pulling some seriously shady (illegal?) crap.

Looks like George Papadopolous is just another in a long line of Deep State victims at this point, and all to stop Donald Trump.

This is super long but worth the read.

He ain’t kidding.

Get comfy.

Still with us?

Keep going.


Sadly it’s all too believable at this point.

‘We don’t think it amounts to obstruction.’

Wow. Again.


Told you, this is bad.

Yup, super long but totally worth the time.

So damn shady.

Thank goodness so many are starting to shine a little light on them all.



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