It is just this editor or does Joe Biden look like some sort of creepy mannequin in his mask and dark sunglasses? Maybe a mannequin you’d see falling apart at a Good Will? Maybe one of America’s Most Wanted?

Oh settle down, it’s a joke.

And he looks ridiculous, sorry not sorry.

Even Brit Hume noticed:

Biden has been in a basement for months … EL OH EL.

What the heck is he protecting people from by wearing a mask in a cemetery?

And they could easily distance OUTSIDE.

C’mon, he was virtue signaling and we all know it.

Well, maybe not all of us.

Oh FFS, would someone PLEASE TELL THESE PEOPLE how the ‘Karen’ dig works?


Bruce is the Karen here.

It’s like when the Left started trying to use ‘snowflake’ and ‘triggered.’ Freakin’ painful.


Photo op?

Ugh, this freakin’ guy. You remember Ronald yes? Ronald is one of the idjits who told thousands of New Yorkers to go to Chinatown during one of the most dangerous times for the virus to prove America isn’t racist since mean ol’ Trump banned travel from China.

Think it’s a coincidence that tens of thousands of New Yorkers have died from the virus?

What he said.


We’re starting to wonder if they can read as well.

There it is.

Wouldn’t hold your breath.



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