First the ‘experts’ asked Americans to give them two weeks to flatten the COVID curve so we didn’t overwhelm our hospitals.

Now, nearly four months later, many states are still in some form of lockdown and the idea of opening or staying closed has become politicized … which we all knew it would, eventually. Many people question if we would even be where we are now if this weren’t an election year and the Left didn’t see an opportunity to destroy Trump by destroying the country, but we digress.

Brit Hume shared yet another thread from Alex Berenson, this one taking apart the new talking point ‘Team Apocalypse’ is using to fight against ending lockdowns.

This one’s a doozy:

Data and science aren’t going their way anymore so now they’re claiming we need to stay locked down because ‘there’s still so much we don’t know.’

Convenient, right?

They’ve been soooooo wrong about sooooo much.

What he said.

Even the CDC has adjusted mortality to a far lower and ‘reasonable’ range.

But if they admit this is really only very dangerous to certain groups they lose control and stuff.

Winner winner chicken dinner.

Lockdowns have got to GO.



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