Still crazy that Democratic governors are holding their states hostage so they can continue ‘getting off’ on their power trips. From Gov. Ralph ‘Coonman’ Northam hanging out at Virginia Beach with no mask and standing VERY VERY VERY close to several people to Gov. ‘Release the Gretchen’ Whitmer opening up the part of her state where her summer home just happens to be, these governors’ actions prove it’s not about safety or the people, but instead it’s about politics and power.

It’s the Democrat way.

AG took ol’ Gretch apart in a fairly spectacular thread:

Remember when they asked Americans to give them two weeks at home to flatten the curve?

Good times.

States that opened almost a month ago are kicking a*s and taking names.

She really is awful, folks.

No words.

But you know, she CARES SO MUCH about the people!

Rules for thee but not for me.

Everything ol’ Gretch has done is to audition for the role of Joe Biden’s VP. And seriously, if this is what the Democratic Party wants, economies crashing, people locked in their homes or forced to wear masks, unemployment raging … why would anyone vote for any Democrat ever again?

What she said.



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